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Long distance relationship help

Published on April 24, 2014 by mmaniac

I have been in relationship with a guy for the past five years and in long distance relationship with the same guy for the past 3 years. He studies abroad so he never came to meet me even one in these 3 years. However in all these years I have been pushing him up to even speak to me. I attempted to break up many times but he goes crazy and does all sorts of things to patch up again. And once I patch up, he does not bother to message or talk to me anytime. And in these 5 years he never gave me anything, not even a gift card. Every time I want to talk to him he sends me a text asking me to call him or gives a missed call but never calls me. I am so confused as to what I should do . Should I continue or should I break up? If I have to break up then how should I do it as I tried all ways to break up but failed. I am really confused as I don't know where this relationship is taking us. Plus he enver even plans or thinks to meet me. If I talk about our meeting then he wants to have sex and tells it to me openly (I am still a virgin. Please help me decide if I should be with him.