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Long distance relationship and he is unemployed now

Published on January 6, 2014 by maripolarama

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months. We met in NY, but after I graduated I decided to go back to Singapore, and he is now back to Germany.

We already a part for 4 months, and since he came back to Germany on November, he is unemployed.

He said he still wanna chill, tho he already run out money, and now he is living with his mom. He said he has to find an apartment first in Berlin, after that he will find a job. But how can that happen?? No landlord will let people rent the apt if you are unemployed. And I know you compete with lots of ppl to get an apt in Berlin. And all landlord will choose a financially reliable person.

I love him so much, he is a really good guy with a good heart, but I can't stand this condition.

If he has no money, no job, how can he support himself? He said he believe he will find an apartment soon in February, and also a job.He asked me to believe in him. But how can I believe it if right now all he is doing just hanging there do nothing.

And my other concern is how can he buy ticket to meet me? And I can't go to Europe at least till the end of spring because I am now just starting my own business. I can't imagine being a relationship with someone without meeting for a year.

What should I do? Thanks for your advice.


It sounds like a lot of complications in this relationship. Just ask yourself: are you willing to support him until he got on his feet? How committed are you to this relationship? And do you think he is as committed as you? You both need to talk and be on the same page about a plan if you want to make it work.