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long distance relationship at 15?

Published on July 8, 2010 by marynakay

kayso, we met online (obviously). known each other for a year. he lives three hours from me. we've never met in person. he's seventeen im fifteen. when we just "met" we used to talk alot on msn and stuff, and we got lots of "inside" jokes and about 5 months after we've known each other he told me that he loved me. well i told him that i loved him too but i wasnt ready for a relationship. about 5 months AGO i told him i loved him and well we got into a relationship. but like a month after that we started to drift away. and now we like talk once in two - three weeks, if not once a month. i reallly really want to meet him but i cant. i cant gett to his city on my own and my parents are to busy. yeah. and it doesnt look like he's making any effort to come here and visit me. so im just wondering is this all a waste? should i just break it off and stay friends with him? thanks!


First of all, you can't be in love with someone without even knowing them. Secondly,you're just 15 so I don't see the rush to become serious so soon,in my opinion you're WAY too young. Also, how do you know this guy is only 17? You know nothing about him other than what he has told you and if you did risk going to meet him you could be putting yourself in serious danger. So yes,I definitely think you need to just try to have a friendly relationship and be VERY cautious. Best of luck and you're in my prayers.

When I was 15, I got into my first long distance relationship via the internet.

The issue with this is that it's really hard to know a person when you haven't met. You've got to try whatever you can to get to know them better. Talk on the phone or video-call. Be warned that since it's the internet, he's only going to show the parts of himself that he wants you to see.

It's always good to meet up and test the waters, but make sure you have a quick getaway if need be, it's during daylight, and somewhere public. Gotta be safe.

Now, about you two talking less. Well, that's the other sticky situation with the internet. Communication is harder. Do you know things that he's been up to lately? Ask about them! Any issues you talked about before... even bring up one of your inside jokes sometime. Or if you're feeling super desperate, send him an email and tell him how you're feeling about all this. Just let him know that you'd like to speak more and that you miss him, if you do =)

Best of luck!