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long distance

Published on May 19, 2013 by kelmae

Well everyone tells me that long distant relationships don't work. Im in love with this Guy we've been dating 6 months and he's moving to l.a I was wondering how do I make it work cause I want it to I believe he's the one :) .


This is a difficult one. In my experience long distance relationships rarely work. Once long ago I had a transatlantic relationship. I was in Europe and my "chosen one" was on the East Coat of the USA. Rationale dictated that it would be feasible and wonderful to meet up every ninety days or so, for a wonderful get together in either Europe or the US. It worked for 90 days. There was a wonderful reconciliation in Ireland. But that was it! The object of my affections had already met somebody else when we came together in Ireland, but had the decency to meet up not so much as to explain matters but to set the stage for the break-up. To make something like this work you have to be a very special person and regrettably most of us do not have the necessary super-human qualities.