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Living with a man who loves me but I dont love

Published on February 20, 2013 by jcanada

I was in a bad situation and was almost homeless. I met a man who helped me out of this and put me up. He is older, hes nice but he seems to like to argue with people and doesnt get along easily with others. He has alot of great qualities otherwise. Its jsut him and are not alike much. I am more new age and he is very old school and is not open to my ideas much. He treats me well. He feels Im his soulmate. He has a rotten marrige to a woman who was cruel and even lost his savings and his kids as well. I cant force myself to love him so I dont also want to hurt him ......he is also visual impaired and I help him alot. Im 48 and he is 59. I want to met and fall in love the normal way and I dont feel hes the one, but I also dont have a place to live now or a Im in a big problem in my life.......