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is on line dating cheating?

Published on September 21, 2009 by xoxo717

i have been with a man for a year been living together for six months he gets e mail from on line dating sites girls "offering" their all...he say he has been on those sites for a long time i think he should cancel and bow out of those "match maker hot date" sites


If you live together, it's serious. He should delete his profiles, as he's still technically casting his net. I wouldn't say it's cheating, but it's pretty disrespectful to you. After all, he's leading those other girls on, which is pretty wrong, too!

If he can't remember passwords to delete the profiles, he should at least set the emails to the junk or bin folders on his account.

Out of respect for you, he should delete ALL accounts of that sort. Of course, this discussion should have been talked about before you both moved in together. It's on that list we all forget.

I can tell you from experience, I deleted all my accounts after committing to a relationship, but one of them wouldn't let me delete it. I tried it several times and several different times, but it wouldn't let go of me. LOL.

There's always the ultimatum move, you only have to be ready to accept the consequences if you use that card. Good luck to you!

I agree with the other responses you've received. And yes I think its cheating- just not in the traditional way. People become very emotionally involved in those sites. Many relationships come out of these. And this probably isn't what you signed up for. Some people think that if you didn't have sex, you didn't cheat. But cheating isn't just about sex, its about deceit and sneaking as well. Both of these things erode trust. Once that's gone, its hard to get it back. You are right to ask for what you want. He has a right to decline your request, at which time you should really evaluate how far you want to go with this relationship.

an online dating is for those who are looking for a date obvoiusly, but if you already have a partner why you would still join the site right? i think your right,he should stop joining the match making because of you.

What?! Really? I have read all of the responses and I disagree with all of them. Here is why:

First of all, in reality, it is NOT cheating!

Watch him walk out the door, go get a real woman, have a relationship with her... now.. THAT is cheating.

What happend to the old addage: "You can look but don't touch." ?

He isn't harming anyone, except for provoking your emotions of insecurity. Think about it... if you were absolutely secure... would you care?

No. You would not care.

It is not cheating. Is he committed to you? Is he fair? Is he loving? Is he gentle? Is he kind? Is he thoughful? Is he affectionate?

Maybe... just MAYBE those websites increase his libido? In that case... is he great in bed?

If you said... "Yes." he is great in bed... and IF it is because of those websites that YOU have a great sexlife with him... because you are the benefactor of his use of those websites. Well then, suddenly the entire dynamic and urgency of the matter changes.

"How does it benefit you"?

Well, how does it hurt or harm you?

Leave it alone. Leave him alone. He is not cheating on you. Until he actually does, if he ever does, which I doubt that he will, back off and let him be. It's not cheating.