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letting go

Published on January 26, 2011 by yvette220

i am inlove with a married man that is separated from his wife but lately he has told me that he wants both of us and he is going back for the kids i told him i could not stay with him he resides with me and he leaves for days at a time and im here crying my eyes out over him,i need to find away to let go of this man,someone you love dont treat you like this,this relationship was wrong from the beginning,when he said he was married i should of ran from him,but i didnt hes a nice guy and caring but i cant be with him and i need to get my life back i have given up everything for this man and the first step i need to take is to leave him i need some help cause i dont know how to say goodbye to him,



The big question is what do you want> Yes, this guy is "nice/caring" but is that your criteria for a relationship? Why did you get involved w/a married guy in the first place?

This experience can be a great opportunity to learn and grow as you go forward. I'm not big on telling people what to do. You're an adult and you're going to do what you want to do (obviously you knew being in a relationship with a married man was wrong, but you did it anyway).

I have one philosophy which you might want to adapt: "How's it working for you?" I don't know what your idea of a healthy & happy relationship is but form the tone of your e-mail it doesn't sound like life w/someone else's husband is it.

The only way for you to get control of your life is to decide what it is you want/need and then make choices that are in alignment with that. It's that simple. If you want to avoid repeating this experience and you really want to get your life back, you have to find the way to move on.

If you're having trouble moving on ask yourslef how are you going to get what you really want if you don't.

Good Luck!