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Let him know or not

Published on August 11, 2014 by cherryberry1

Beeing dumped by the other person not responding to you, you feel very sad and angry. That happened to me a couple of days ago. Now I've somehow gotten over it because, even though he chose this methood of saying goddbye I know he never would wanna hurt me. So I kind of wanna send him a text now that I'm not hurt anymore and that we can be friends, because he probably things I'm devastated. I know he dosn't deserve that after what he did to me, but I still care about him and I want everything to be ok between us. So should I send him a message or is that plain stupid?


When it takes a couple of days to get over a relationship, maybe it wasn't meant to be in the first place. You are over it, your are happy, forget about him and move on. Don't waste your time letting him know anything and wanting to be friends, learn from the this first lesson. Have fun!

Monica Magnetti

If you two are meant to be friends it will happen naturally. If you are in fact over him then there is no need to broadcast that to him and instead you can feel free to live your life. Your happiness and joviality with life will make its way to him and he will approach you then. Good luck! Laura

Ending a relationship by simply freezing someone out is disrespectful and immature. IMHO, if you contact him after this to tell him you're over it- it sends the EXACT opposite message you are trying to send. It shows you're still thinking and hurting over him. I'm sorry sweetie, but you're not fooling everyone by pretending you're fine and dandy over this. That's completely normal and acceptable to be hurt and angry after what he did. It's very hard to get closure after a breakup of this kind. Do you think this is Really why you are trying to contact him? So he can give you an answer as to why he ran off? You may not Ever get the answers you are wanting, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will truly overcome this. I think you need to hold yourself in a higher regard than what you are. You don't need him, and you don't need his friendship. If he wants to be friends, he can show some respect and come to you, hopefully armed with an apology. Take care of yourself, and DO NOT take what he did personally

Well, what was the drama that caused the dumping. Were you the offender or perhaps other person got bored? I'd give it some time b4 asking.

nope don't mind texting him... just move on with your life. If he wants to be friends with you he'll approach you first no matter what.Or better ... prove him how wrong he is by dumping you (not the revenge2 type ok?) on with your life. :)