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Published on November 7, 2010 by preciousgem

I'm almost out the door with my relationship. I've been with him for about 2 yrs nd 1/2 I got plenty of reasons in order to leave him but I don't know why I can't do it. He either works or works in cars or only goes out with friends the only thing we do together are basics nd movies. I have found pics of girls on his phone and also how he calls other girls-friends babe nd tells them he loves them nd he hardly tells me that. My daughter's father passed away few mnths ago but my bf instead of being a good example he is hardly around when she's around. She is always with my mom since I hve work and school. I'm always the one calling him or texting him if each of us is at work but hardly ever response and today that he txt me nd I didn't feel like texting bck he gets mad when its my time to go out he gets mad since I supposidly can be out too late but whe he does it its ok. He doesn't ever go along with my family parties idk why but he says he desnt get along with them. Most of the time he sleeps in the floor accoding to him because I move around too much. Sex life is good but not often he cook for me helps me when needed but don't feel the love much he tries but his friends r a bad influence not sure if wait to see if it changes or just leave even if it will be hard could hardly have a serious talk with him he sees life the happy way without any worries good sometimes not all the time I give good advices but can't follow my own


1) He's not actively trying to involve himself with your daughter or the rest of your family; 2) he makes his friends a priority over you; 3) he has you living on a double standard where it's OK for him to go out, but for you it's a problem; 4) his friends are a bad influence.

You can make a laundry list, but it does you no good if you're not going to follow through on anything. You really expect him to see that his friends are a bad influence and leave them alone? Not gonna happen! When you tell him that (if you haven't done so already), the first words out of his mouth will be that you're trying to change him and keep him from his friends.

Let me ask you this: your mother is taking care of your daughter. That should be YOUR first priority, not worrying over some loser who deosn't care enough about you to try to get involved in her life. Before you tell me that she is your priority, think about this: shouldn't you want to be with someone who will accept you and your daughter as a package, rather than try to change someone who has already shown you that he really doesn't care? Be fair about this! Your mother is taking care of YOUR CHILD so that you can improve your life, and not so that you can try to change some loser who is with you you when he wants to be.