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Is this lack of respect or emotional abuse?

Published on October 13, 2012 by pupnsuds

Four years ago I and our daughter purchased a brindle boxer for my husbad as he always wanted one. Two years later, our other dog Clovis passed from cancer. Clovis was more my shadow as Im sure she sensed she was far from Daddys favorite. A year after she passed we all looked for a black boxer & my husband & daughter presented this lit'l guy we named Pilgrim to me. I feed him, trained him, walked him & much more. Then, I would catch my husband seeking salon to him, treats beside the bed, etc. It really hurt my feelings that he was taking over my bond that I was to have with this dog. First, hurt feelings, later came huge arguements and then my spouse would back off. A little every day my heart breaks because I see my dog bonding for my husband & husband now even hangs extra photos of my dog beside at his night stand. I am a little jealous, it really does break my heart that my spouse wont stop his behavior! Its hard to make love to someone when you feel you arent being respected. He pushes limits with other stuff too & then laughs & says, I sure do love you for putt'en up with me. Its like a test for him, I dont want to live like this much longer, it is making me an emotional mess. Then to see quote, my dog, go to him now all the time. Is this a form of mental abuse? Please help, RR


It sounds like you two pay more attention to the dog than to each other. Ask your husband to go to marriage counseling with you, so you both can learn skills to improve your marriage.