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Kids are everywhere, but the sex is nowhere

Published on April 10, 2009 by mango

My kids are great but they are so exhausting that when it's time for bed I'm way too tired for sex. I want to have sex, but my kids are up before my husband and I and we are apart all day. What's a horny wife to do?


Mama, put those kids in their room(if evening) it won't hurt them. Then get busy. Or, get that early morning sex before they come out the room to grab you up. You have to find way's to not let your kids take over and leave nothing left for you or your man. Your relationship with him is very important to, he i'm sure needs the sex as well. I have been through this, i just have the kids go in their room and give their daddy the attention he and I need to have a healthy sexual relationship. It CAN be done! Hang in there!

When I remarried, I had two young boys, they had their bed time and my husband and I had our quality time together. My boys were 2 and 3 when I remarried and they didn't exhaust me, my job did that. But, if your kids are exhausting you, you need to do something about this. Sounds like they are out of control. I don't know their ages or how many you have, but, sounds like they have you under their control, since you are the one "exhausted" from them. Maybe you need to find someone you can trust to control your kids at least a couple of times a week and have some quality time with your husband. Doesn't necessarily mean sex, you can have caressing times and eat out, go to a movie, see another couple for some fun, maybe go to a theme park and have some fun. Use your imagination, the imagination is a powerful thing, just learn to use it. And use some common sense with your kids. They shouln't exhaust you. Think about it. Who controls who?