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Give Advice: Should I Stay In Touch With My Exes?

Published on February 2, 2012 by lkm743

I'm in a relationship, so should I keep in touch with my exes? What is the proper thing to do on this topic? Should you, shouldn't there anything wrong w staying in touch every once in while to see how they are doing ok? Or should you never talk to them again?


well in my opinion you need to cut ties totally so that you can move on. it would only cause problems some where down the line if you were to meet somebody else. you wouldn't want your ex calling/texting when your with your new girlfriend/boyfriend. you would think there was something going on. not only that it keeps things fresh between the two of you to why you wanted to split in the first place. why would you be interested in what they are up to if it is totally over. you may still care/love the person but obviously it has come to an end for some reason. maybe if you give yourselves months first then be friends. it's too easy to stay in contact then have a little hook up=not moving on. iv'e been going through the same thing myself recently. on and off with my ex boyfriend. and now iv'e totally cut ties. he has asked the same as your question for us to do but i can't. don't want to because im ready to move on and don't want that person in my life anymore(but theres no hard feelings) i need space to start afresh. hope this helps your theory

I agree with miss paulina. I used to keep in touch with my exes until I met my husband. After an issue with one of them (my ex was trying to get me back) we agreed to stop talking to our exes. It made a world of difference! It's amazing how much smoother things can go in your new relationship when you don't talk with your exes. While there is nothing wrong with it, it just depends on the two of you. If you are ok with him checking on his exes and he is ok with you doing the same, then you are good to go!