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Keep trying or end it now?

Published on August 9, 2010 by furbble

I have been with a guy for 6 yrs. Although during theses years we both were in university.

Recently we are both finished and ready to get out into the 'real world". During a recent conversation about what we want in the future he stated that hes a no for children, and Im a definite yes. After a long talk I feel that I need to look into the future but he figures why cant we just look 2 yrs in advance, as we had a pretty good thing going.

Do you think im wrong to be looking into the next 10 yrs, rather than the year just infront. LIke i guess things have been decent up to now, but im looking for a relationship not just a friendship that I know will end eventually. Would you be able to keep a relationship going the same knowing it will come to and end some day soon?


Did he want kids to begin with and change his mind, or has he never wanted kids? Does he just not want kids in the next couple of years, or NEVER? Would you be happy never having children?

You are not wrong for looking into the future, if you see kids as part of your future, then you should make that clear to him. Unfortunately, I was in a similar situation, and this ended up being a deal breaker for me, and I ended the relationship.

Best of Luck!