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Just Friends?

Published on February 22, 2014 by stars1029

I am best friends with a guy, to the point that we spend most of our time together and trust each other more than anyone. We have talked about dating a few times before, but due to his past relationship issues, decided to wait and see how things went. A few months ago, we drunkenly hooked up one night, talked about dating again, and besides a few references to that night here and there, haven't discussed dating since. Lately, however, he's been making really sexual comments and been extra touchy, but nothing about a relationship. Have I missed my chance with him? Where do I go from here?


In my opinion, the only way to know is to ask. It takes guts to be that upfront. But the benefit is that if he isn't interested in a relationship, you get that out on the table. And if he is, then you get to decide if you want to give it a shot or not.

I hear a more prominent concern here. You have a difficult time talking openly in your relationship. You might explore some ways to feel safer in the relationship so you can talk openly about the options you two have.