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Just Flirting or More?

Published on January 9, 2014 by just_another_girl.

So I have been flirting with this guy in my welding class and I'm used to most of the guys flirting and joking around. All just fun. Started with just pet names, saying your sexy, checking each other out, and things like that. Then moved to him grabbing my waist and getting "close" to me and locks eyes. I cant tell if he is just playing or he means something else.


Only time will tell. You can try inviting him to go to coffee with you in a casual way to see if he bites. It sounds flirtatious to me, so all you can do is give taking it to the next level a shot. If you can transition from just seeing him at class to seeing him other places, it makes it clear you're interested and the ball is then in his court.