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just broke up n ready to get back in the game

Published on July 7, 2010 by halo155

okay i just broke up with boyfriend over a month ago n now im talking to two guys one of them is my best friend n i really like him n he really like me but i don't if we should date cause im scared it mite mess up our relationship as friends. So please tell me what i need to do


Do not date your best friend. You are hurt right now because you just broke up. You will run to the closest person who brings you comfort. This would be your best friend. He always makes you feel good and pretty. There is a reason why you guys never hook up. Do yourself a favor and date someone else for the moment? everybody goes through a rebound guy, don't hurt your best friend. If times passes and you feel the same way, maybe you can consider it then, for the time being, please stay away from him. You are not thinking clearly

You don't know that a relationship with your best friend will ruin your friendship. If you like him in a romantic way, why not see if he feels the same way? It could turn into something wonderful and unexpected!