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jealousy of partners past sex life

Published on March 4, 2012 by mumplus2

should i tell my very unforgiving natured partner, info of my sexual dates while we were separated, if we are now trying to reconcile?its really non of his business, but would it help to heal things or just give him ammunition if we break up later on.?


Each relationship is unique and there is no universal right answer. However, the key words in your question are "unforgiving natured partner". Given that I don't see how telling him is a good idea. My guess is that lack of forgiveness was part of the reason things have been rocky in this relationship. Best wishes.

thanks for reply, our relationship has been rocky pretty much the whole time from a few occasions of me turning him down in the beginning.and his jealousy of my single life before him being more experiences than he got. In the end, it split with me supposedly having a cyber affair- i thought was just friendship, but he and literature i read, say its an emotional affair.We split, but we have 2 children, and get along really well as friends so reconciling is still in the midst, but i dont want to repeat the same kind of relationship recycling the same arguments due to him not being able to let bygones be.He thinks he is entitled to know every single thing ive done in my life if we are to be togethor, i feel i am entitled to have SOME thats why i asked the question