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I've never dated

Published on November 16, 2013 by tweetyrulz

I'm 44 years old and I've never had a boyfriend or dated anyone. I've been on a handful of dates, all blind. Each date was a one-time-only thing. I've been used as a physical release, a meal ticket, or been stuck in the 'friend zone'. I've had feelings for and/or been interested in a few men over time, but am constantly told they don't want to ruin the friendship by dating. Hearing that so much, I'm convinced that I'm just not worth taking a chance on. I'm a 6'7" woman, and I feel that intimidates men too much to approach me. So we become friends, they find out what a wonderful person I am, but by that time, I'm stuck in the 'zone' with no way out. Is it too late for me to find love? How am I supposed to find someone to marry when I haven't even started dating yet, so to speak? My biological clock is screaming at me, and I've been severely depressed thinking I'll spend the rest of my life alone, with only my animals for company.