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It's "that time of the month" - how do you tell him?

Published on April 17, 2009 by kaya03

How do you tell your partner that you're on your period without killing the mood?

Guy, I really want to hear from you to find out how you would like to be told. :)


I think you just have to blurt it out if it is going to become necessary. There are certainly a number of other ways that you can make him feel less disappointed. Plus, you can tell him your desire - that always made me fell better.

Some guys don't even care!

Seriously, it might work out in your favor.

The short answer is - "it is that time of the month" the long answer is - "Honey, we can not have sex tonight because my period started and I do not feel in the mood. Do you want to cuddle and tell me about your day?"

It is that time of the month for me...Got Red Wings? Ha ha I don't mind if you don't mind, but i wanted to let you know so you had a choice and no surprises! ;0)

This is like an ongoing joke between me and my SO. She cries and whines because its her time and she's horny but she doesn't like the mess. I couldn't care less. The only thing I don't like about it is I can't go down on her. Guys need to learn to deal with this sooner or later...its not like we don't know that it happens. Its not gross, obscene, or anything like that. If your guy can't handle it think of all the other wonderful things he probably won't be able to handle, like diaper changing, or buying his daughter tampons on the way home from work. Test him. My SO tried that, but doesn't let me down the feminine aisle anymore since I always try to juggle them while I'm walking around the store with her.