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It's been pretty much a year and I still have feelings for her.

Published on December 7, 2013 by jakefromstatefarm

So,yeah,I'm pretty young but I still hope you can take me seriously(That is if anyone really cares to read anyway.) I used to have a pretty good life,aside from all the constant arguments between my parents,but I was still a very happy kid,with alot of confidence.I'll come straights out with it...Im about16 years old. I met this very pretty girl and I'll be honest I was very much interested in her. Everyday I would wake up and comb my hair,get dressed,and give her a soft,warm little hug just as I would do everytime I saw her.Even when it got akward when her freind was nearby I atleast would smile and wave at her from time to time while we both walked home. We became the best of freinds and even told eachother "I love you." From time to time. She even told me things that meant alot to me,things she never told anyone. I Indeed fell in love with her. Weeks later my mother and father lost their jobs and our house. We had to live in motels for a really long time. Sge helped me through alot of that. But things just turned from bad to worse for me,when suddenly motels didnt last as long as we thought and I soon had to move to a homeless shelter. That was when I confessed my feelings for her and,lucky me,she felt the same. Even through.something so bad I was atleast really happy about that! For a very amazing,but short time,I had her and she was all I wanted. But soon No more texts,facebook statuses,or anything from her. She told me she couldn't handle me and her because of the problems she was facing with's illnes and all.She was just too depressed I guess. For so long I've been.just feeling emotionally numb and just so bitter over her,and its been almost a year. It's Christmas time and there' way I'm gonna have a good one. Im still in this position with my living situation,fortunately not as bad,but bad. So I won't be celebrating the holidays in a nice big house like she will be this Christmas. The point is she has moved on and I think im at the point of realizing I'm in denial that she doesn't care about me. I can't accept her new boyfreinda and crushes she talks about all the time. It hurts so damn bad,and I don't know what to do. Thanks for listening,I guess,if you even care.


Well I would first like to say that I do care. I am sorry that this situation happened to you in regards to you losing your home. Do not get down on yourself for being young. You have a right to feel the way you feel. I think the first thing that you need to realize with your past girlfriend, is that she did not reject you. She just did not want to be in a relationship at the time because of everything that was going on with HER and she needed to deal with her own depression and other issues. She more than likely did not want to add her problems onto the problems that you were dealing with. Although she has moved on now, what you are going through (relationship wise) is what most teenagers and young adults go through at some point and time. It seems like she was a good friend to you at a time when you needed it and that is a good thing. She helped you through a hard time. But now is the time that you need to start focusing on yourself. You are only 16 years old, and I want you to remember that troubles do not last always. You have the rest of your life ahead of you. There will be more loves, and lost, and your situations will improve. The only thing that will mend a broken heart is time. But with time, you have to be open for your heart to be healed. So each end every day you have to start trying to start focusing on some of the positive things in your life. When you do that, before you know it you will be over her. There is a girl out there for you, but it may take many dates as to grow older to find her. And with each failed date and relationship, you learn from it. And then you take what you learn into the next relationship. What you have experienced is just a part of growing up. Most people go through it.