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Is it wrong that sleeping with married men turns me on?

Published on April 29, 2009 by torrieg

I had an affair with a married friend of mine not to long ago, and I must admit that it was hotter then hell. I was engaged at the time and although the sex with my friend wasn't as good as it was with my boy friend I wanted it more! The thought of getting caught by his wife or my soon to be husband was so hot! Not to mention the things we did to avoid getting caught. He moved a few months ago but we still talk and want to get together. Is this normal to get this turned on by married men, even when I know I should be disgusted.


One of my lovers is married. I completely push open and honest communication, but I seriously get off on being with him. I don't know what it is, but I know it's normal.

I have to agree with NYMP Samantha here - for various reasons, I can't be entirely public about all of my relationships - although we're working toward it. The "forbidden fruit" aspect is certainly part of the appeal - although just be sure you know that you could end up losing everything if you aren't incredibly careful ...

OK, this is completley wrong....your engaged, he's married! Usually when people go outside of a relationship to satisify their own needs or to feel specail, its because they have self esteem issues to deal with.

I wonder if it has less to do with him being married than it is with you wanting things you know you can have.