No! But this is a time when you have to be EXTREMELY honest with yourself. Do you really love him, or do you just love the way he is when you guys are kissing and cuddly. Also, you have to remember that only you can decide these things. Plus, talk to him and tell him how you feel. If he says the same thing, you probably are in love, but if he's not sure, you're probably not sure. And if you feel like you can't talk to him,you really need to realize that you can't be fully in love with someone without fully knowing them.

Also, you may need to spend some time apart to see how much you miss him. Time will always give you answers. Always.

LukesGirl16...I take it you are 16 years old? Brace yourself. You are going to be falling in "love" too soon again and again and again...

Yes you are and can! It just one of the important mistake that you have to take.