No, that is not possible. Especially if the two people have feelings for you. Someone will get hurt. Now, you may be able to smoothe it over where it won't be as painful by communicating your feelings to the both of them and be upfront and honest. You will feel alot better and you won't be leading one of them on.

It is definitely possible to love two people without someone getting hurt. The challenge is that we have been taught from day one of life on earth that it is not possible. We are taught that we can love only one person completely and that anything else is wrong. I do not think we can change this but we must realize that it is possible even if we think it is wrong.

Usually, no. Most people are going to be jealous. I think that's the way we're made. Brothers and sisters are jealous as soon as they can push each other off your lap. Animals try to keep others away from their mate/s. Most societies are monogamous. You might be in love with two people who aren't jealous, but probably you can't love them both without hurting them.

Perhaps you can share with us why you want feel you want the love of more than one person? Sometimes, I feel we need the love of more than one person and perhaps this will help those who feel you are crazy understand how and why you are in the situation you described.

Thanks! benb