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Is it possible to be friends with a guy you were sexually involve

Published on October 22, 2012 by kandigams

Recently, I was friends with benefits with a guy and now he wants to be just friends.  I don't think this will work because I thought he was a complete jerk.  I am an all or nothing person.  If I like you and I consider you a friend, I will do anything for you.  On the flip side, if I don't like you well then forget it.  I found this guy to be a liar and a user.  I'm not sure what he motive was.  Now, I have a lot of doubts about his motives.  He has a regular lady, (well I think she is).  I hope he doesn't think he can pick up with me.  Because that won't happen.  Sometimes, it would be nice to get a man's opinion but I don't want him to get the wrong idea. Is there any way to handle this?


Sweetheart, you answered your own question here... "I don't think this will work....he was a complete jerk." "I found this guy to be a liar and a user."

The real question here is WHY are you willing to accept this kind of treatment from someone in any relationship? You know what's right for you. Your heart deserves better. Respect yourself enough to move on.

Much Love.

Becky answered it best!! Why would you want to be friends with someone like that? I know a couple of girls who are friends with their Exes, who are jerks like this... The jerks are now "super nice" to these "friends" (meaning, they flirt with them relentlessly, make them feel wanted, sexy, "hot") If that were me, it would make me feel cheap, used, etc. Don't be these girls... Respect yourself enough to move on. Your time is worth more than this jerk, whether a romantic interest or just a friend. Jerks don't deserve a spot in our phonebooks. Period. :-)

Why? I am a widow and when there is an emergency at my house, there isn't anyone who lives close by whom I could call. Maybe I should explain what I mean by friends, I mean someone who I could call when I need something. Really, I can't see me talking to him at any other time. He is not someone who I could talk to or hang out with. That would be a friend. I'm very well aware of him and I have put him in his place several times. I won't let him use me and if he asked for anything, my answer is NO.

If you are looking to use him for his handyman skills now that he is done using you as FWB, maybe keep his number as a "handy-man" on your speed-dial... I usually don't see guys like this "giving back." But maybe he is different...

Because, it is so easy to say that now. But it is also way too easy to forget everthing you say so you can relive the good times. Been there, done that.