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Is It Over?

Published on June 3, 2010 by dani1985

Ok . So this guy that i have been sorta seeing for like 8 months now caught me in a lie the other day. He decided to just check out myspace (he doesnt have an account) and looked me up to find i have my status saying "future Mrs. *".... it totally freaked him out so he calls me and says is this ur webpage? i told him it wasnt someone hacked into my page i didnt know how he would react? .. Well the other day i confessed that it was my page and i have sent him a few text and called him once and nothing? Do you think i freaked him out and i should hang it up now??? ....


It does seem like you upset him, that part's pretty obvious. Since you have already called and texted him, he knows you want to communicate. If he cares about you, he'll get back in touch with you. He may need a little time to calm down. Giving him some space is the right thing to do. Be more careful with what you post online next time. Hopefully you learned your lesson with what happened this time. Good luck!

Dear Starchaser85,

I think it shows courage that you came forward and told him the truth. You have reached out to him via text and voicemail so I would give him space and let him make the next move.

Also, I wouldn't feel bad about your MySpace page. You have been dating this guy for 8 months, so I don't think having Mrs. ____ on your profile should be disturbing to him unless he has no plans for a future with you.

There are other guys that would have laughed it off or even thought it was romantic.

Maybe this experience is a blessing in disguise. Instead of spending your time wondering if he's going to call, I'd recommend you take the opportunity to determine if he's the right guy for you.

Best of luck.