Yes. If you are separated, you are free or thinking things through. It does not mean that you or your spouse have to be celibate while doing this. Of course, if you get back together, and your spouse does not think like I do, that can ruin everything...

Depends: [yes] if your ultimate intention is to be divorce, [no] if your ultimate intention is to get back together and just working through issued. For example, if you want to get back together with me, but you have slept with someone else, I'll throw you out the door along with my trash.

if you are separated then no it is not cheating separation is a prelude to divorce and if you really want to work things out then you can do that without seperation and if you do get back together after the seperation then the 2 of you should be able to dicuss the issue like adults and prferably in counsiling

I also think this depends on your ultimate end situation. Like most I find separation is the prelude to the divorce, and If you have filed or are in the process of the divorce then it seems your dicision is made. That being said the relationship is over and there does not seem to be any getting back together so when you find yourself to move on go out and do what you deem necessary to get your groove back. If you have separated and find yourself on working it out terms well thats your ballpark AND IF YOU GET HOT N STEAMY WITH SOMEONE you might find yourself with some explaining to do that might have you working out a whole new situation.

I waited until I filed the divorce papers. I just felt more comfortable that way (so he couldn't say I was cheating while we were "married"). To me, the marriage was already over, we were just waiting on the paperwork/court date.