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Is it ok that my boyfriend flirts a lot?

Published on July 1, 2012 by dorothyrose320

I recently went through my boyfriends phone and noticed he texts a lot of females and some of them even tell him they miss him and love him. When I asked him about it he said it means nothing and it's just flirting. He said he would never take it further than a text and he said he's with me and only me. Should I be worried? Is this relationship doomed for a horrible breakup?


Dorothy Rose,

I assume you've had a long quiet talk with him telling him that his flirting is damaging the relationship. You feel used, totally disregarded, and deeply hurt. It makes you feel worthless.

If you've done this and he continues texting, then he's telling you that he doesn't care enough to change for you.

Let's pretend you are a hiring manager taking applications for a boyfriend. You've got a stack of resumes on your desk. Imagine that his resume is next: • "Likes to flirt with other women online while in a relationship." • "Excels at communicating love and attention with many women at one time." • "Spectacular at making multiple women feel that they are the only one." • "Convincing story teller who makes women think he's available."

Would you "hire" him as a boyfriend or skip to the next applicant?

Good luck.

1) If you feel the need to go through his phone, that's worrisome in and of itself. You should feel able to trust him without double checking. 2) If he doesn't respect that that bothers you, perhaps you should evaluate whether or not this is a relationship you want to continue. 3) You deserve to have your thoughts and feelings being taken seriously and into consideration. Don't let yourself believe any differently! :)