If a guy doesn't climax then he's not into you or into girls but I would move on. I know if I can last longer if its just plain sex, but if I'm in L--e then I climax quick

I tend to have this problem at the beginning of a relationship that gets sexual. It has become such a regular habit over the years that I've even warned my lovers that it may be several times before I finally finish over a course of a couple weeks. From their reactions I can understand how this would be upsetting to a woman. Men are notorious for being able to finish, often signaling the end of that moment's sex. When a man doesn't finish women will often internalize it, thinking that it may be something wrong with their appearance, anatomy, or experience. While there may be times it could be one of those 3 reasons it doesn't mean that is always the rule. A lot of the time it may be something internal on the guy's end.

For me, I really only truly enjoy sex when I feel emotionally connected and secure with my lover. Its like that is when I feel like I can really let go. Its not that I don't enjoy the act all the time, because I truly do.

If your guy isn't finishing then you should have a little sit down talk with him...and this may be really difficult since many guys will feel that their masculinity is in question because they can't finish. You can't make it about yourself either. If you start off asking him if its something wrong with you then it may also put him on the defensive. Ask him if he knows why its happening. If his problem is internal and emotional he really may not understand what the problem is or where its coming from, just that there is a problem. If he does understand and can explain what his issue might be then you'll need to really accept his answer for what it is and try not to read into it. Remember, its an extremely touchy subject for guys.

Another thing to try is to try to get him to ejaculate by some way other than intercourse. Give him a hand job, go down on him, or coax him into masturbating in front of you while you do the same in front of him. The problem could be anatomical. He may not be getting the kind of friction he needs to get worked up enough to release, so open up those lines of communication and discuss what you both like/dislike in bed, anything new that you'd like to try, things like that.

Just don't take it personally. If he is having a problem with how you perform then he should say something, just as you should do the same. No one ever really knows every little trick that will get your partner off right away. It takes time, hours of fun practice, and open communication (telling each other how you like it).

usually when a guy is always havig sex he tends to loose the extra spark that makes him fire my suggestion would be to find more ways to excite him make him whant it teese him use food strawberry gel, sryup, choclate syrup, pudding, and some times a candle. ask him first to see if hes in to it. try licking, kissing, and sucking to build up befor sex in a slow pace as to buildhim up. try some new positions ones you never thought of you might be surprised be soft and slow as to sexualy induce him with plessure.hope i could help try it and have fun. later hope it works.

My current takes a long time to climax. We're in an LDR and usually the first time when we see each other it doesn't last very long, but if we have sex with in the next 24 to 36 hours, he'll take a long time. Personally, it doesn't bother me cause I'm like, "SA-WEET!!"

He attributes it to the fact of long term condom usage - we've both done our testing thing with each other so we both know each other is clean - and part of it can be due to being tired or being a little tipsy (irony right there, most guys are the opposite) or the fact that he's almost 39. Mens sexual abilities change as they age, just as womens do.

There is a medical condition that can cause delayed ejaculation and it can be psychological - and when I say that, I mean, psychologically it has NOTHING to do with you, but with something that may be bothering him, fear of getting you pregnant, fear of getting a disease, whatever...

One thing that can work is trying to talk dirty to him. I had an ex who would take a long time to climax and sometimes I would be ready to be done so I would make a point of talking really dirty to him. It would work every time. It works with the current too (though I'd never tell him that I used it on a previous). Try that and see if it makes a difference.

Good luck, honey...;D