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It hurts ?

Published on February 3, 2010 by char999

i am friends with people my hubby had sex with before me and it really hurts seeing them and knowing they had my man in them i dont no how to stop thinking like this and why im thinking like this ?


yea look ive been there ok even though im 18 ive been engazed and when stuff happens like that hon best thing that you can do is talk toyour man and let him know how your filling.i know it hurts but you have to tell him how you r filling or he will never know? lol

Nobody likes to think about their hubby loving other people before. Try to accept your feeling and then let it go.

I think the reason you keep thinking about this is that your ex cheated on you. Try to judge your current man by how he is treating you.

yeah i spoke to him and he said was mistake and he wish he hadnt just she spoiled new years for us running after him for hug and he said to her fuck off she then slagged him off on facebook i went to college with her and knew she had crush on her and they were just fuck buds once or twice she really liked him but he wasnt really intrested just hurts i talk to her and it hurts so much knowing that he had sex with her shes very fat ugly girl which i have no compotition just i keep thinking about it and being pregnant now with his baby is makeing things worse

Maybe your hormones are affecting you.

If you're feeling insecure, try doing fun and romantic things with him. Also, try doing positive things for yourself like walking, exercise, reading a book, taking a bubble bath, relaxing, anything healthy you like.

This seems like an insecurity issue. Is there any reason that you may be suspicious of your husband? Do you not trust his feelings/loyalty to you? Has he ever cheated on you? If not, why would you feel threatened by his ex's? If it really bothers you maybe you should not be friends with them. Everyone has a past. You have to accept that you aren't the only woman your husband has ever dated. But you can think about it in the light that you'll be the last because you're married and he's committed to you. Why would you focus on the negative instead of the positive? His past experiences have made him who he is, the man you love and who loves you. But they're his past and you're his future.