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Is it a good idea to keep ur ex as a friend?

Published on November 9, 2012 by greeneyez13

Ive been with my ex for 3 years. A year ago he moved to kentucky i live in california. Everything was great till one day i kinda over react to a situation (jelousy) so he asked to be friends and see were things go but i love him n i see him more that just a friend and to be honest i dont think i can be hes friend.


Generally, it is not a good idea to stay friends with an ex. The problem with this type of arrangement is the tendency for one person to want more than friendship ... they want to get back together and the other person is content with a platonic relationship. Essentially, you both become emotionally stuck: the person who wants to rekindle love can't meet anyone new because of the desire to get back together and the other person is stuck because he or she can't fully commit to someone new. Past relationships are for learning more about yourself and life. The key to not repeating this pattern is to learn the core reason why jealousy became an issue in your relationship and work through that particular experience. When you do that, you open a better door to love in the future.

Nancy, thank you for ur responce everything you say is soo true. but my thing is that why throw 3 years down the drain for one dumb reason? There wasnt any jelousy in the relationship until the end but it wasnt like big deal drama type, we would sit and talk about it and move past it. The thing with me is that i dont get how hes feelings changed over one night, one day were find and the next he says hes confused! I bealive in figthing for wath you want but theres only soo little i can take. Ive tried deleting everything that has to do with him, pictures,texts,etc. but i cant seem to let him go completely. Right now im at the point were in tierd of this i wanna say f*ck it and move on but at the same time i do love him and i wanna work things out.

Hi Susie, Nobody is perfect; we make mistakes but the important thing is to know how to forgive, grow and go forward. It's seems your boyfriend still loves you by giving chance to be your friend. When he REALLY is important to you don't be best friend and see how is everything going. Also, work on yourself to be less stress daily. Find inspiration by improving your attitude, be much loving. All the best.

Krystyna, thank you so much. honestly ive had enough im at the point were i just wanna move on. He did say he wanted to be friends and still wants to keep me in hes life, but he acts otherwise. im tierd of it and i do not wanna play games. i think its time to move on and maybe hell regret it and realise watt he lost and i just hope its not too late.

You were together 3 years, it is going to take some time to get over him. That is OK. Give yourself some time to grieve....