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Is it ever ok to give up your career bacause of a boyfriend?

Published on April 25, 2012 by ketemash

Iv been dating my boyfriend who's also the father of my babygirl,for abt 3years now and everything has been ok ever since we started dating.we love each other n always there for each other.we dnt stay together as he works in another area and I'm an unemployed graduate looking for a job to build my career n get a working experience.I recently got a job offer in other area still far from where my boyfriend stays and I'm over the moon that I'm finaly gona work and do what I studied for in varsity.the only problem is my boyfriend doesn't want me to take the offer as I'll b working in another area and the distance between us is gona be very long.I realy want this job and its a great opportunity for me to do something iv always wanted to do.I need a job and to build my am I wrong to accept the offer?should I continue staying home with my degree n let this opportunity pass me by because my boyfriend wants me to reject the offer but still we are distanced apart ? Pls help I'm lost


It's really hard to answer unless we get more information. 1. 3 years is a long time to date. Any marriage plans? 2. Does he love you? Do you love him? Are you willing to risk your relationship? 3. Are you both over 22? 4. Can you take this job as a test -- say for a year, and see how it works out?

A good relationship is worth keeping, but if you have a burning desire to fulfill your dreams, it's seeing if you really like it. Can you figure out a way of making this a win-win for your boyfriend?

Yes we are over 22 years.I'm 23 n he is 26 years old.he does want to marry me of which we r still planning to but first we must b financially stable.he started working last year in may so due to finances that might b hard for now.but the important thing is we r together and love each other.we have been in a long distance relationship since 2010 and we r still going I dnt c how this job that I got offered can change what we have.he should b supporting me so that we can both work n b able build a future together.gone r those days when women used to depend on their husbands for everything,I dnt want to b that kind of a wife.I also wana work,life is unpredictible n ppl change.I must also work n provide for myself n family.I have dreams n goals that I also wana achieve n fulfil.I supported him when he got a job far from us bt why can't he support me?I do not wana b a house wife but be a career woman as I always wanted.

If you turn down the job, you'll end up feeling bitterness toward him. In this economy, people have to sometimes make sacrifices by taking work when it's offered. Explain to him that you want to get a year in with your new job, which will make you more employable elsewhere, like in his location, or maybe you'll make so much money that it'll be more beneficial for him to move toward you. Yes, always rely on yourself. You can't know the future, and you need to be self sufficient. Good luck.

A college education and an income of $50,000+ are correlated with high marriage and low divorce rates in the U.S.

But if your career is a deal-breaker for your boyfriend, then it really doesn't matter what stats indicate.

I could be wrong, but it sounds as though you have moved on emotionally and want something different in life even if you lose him.

Highly ambitious women can be happy with laid-back men, but it does put stress on the relationship and you have to work harder to keep both people happy. Both have to admit (and embrace) the differences. Best wishes.

Take the job! I'm sorry, but you should not give up your career for a boyfriend. You have to follow your dreams and goals to better support yourself and child. Go For It!! If he lets this get in the way of your relationship, then he was probably looking for a way out anyway. God forbid, you pass this opportunity up and something happens to him. Then what? ... You have to get going! Job opportunities are hard to come by these days. He need to support and be proud of you.