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Is it the distance or is he just not in to me anymore?

Published on May 19, 2011 by itssteffersbaby

Okay so I've been dating this guy and I'm his first longest relationship and the first person he's loved. Now we're pretty close to making the 6 month mark and now this are getting a little tough. We both live in different towns and its a pretty long drive. Now since gas price have gone up like crazy and its crazy expensive to fill your tank up he hasn't come over lately because one he doesn't have a job and two he doesn't have any money, and three he doesn't start his job until next week.  Then he just didn't have enough money to fill up his gas tank so I totaly understood, but then he started to get really crabby and we kind of just stop talking. Mean we cam every night, but we end up just sitting there staring at each other. I began to think that he didn't want to me anymore, but he still tells me he loves me and he misses me without me have to say any of those first so I guess that still means he wants me I don't know. We've both talked about how we felt and we both agree that it feels like we aren't as close as we used to be and that the relationship doesn't have that spark, now I can't tell if that's because we haven't seen each other in awhile or if he's not interested in me anymore.


Hi i Stephanie Rebecca,

The first thing I suggest is to stop talking/video caming every night. There is just not that much to say. I also suggest if you want to find out where his head is, suggest three times a week to connect via webcam. During these sessions, I suggest you ask him a few questions about your future and the next time you are together. Questions like, "do you want to rub some hot oil on your back", "do you want us to have a house together", "do you cook", "do you want me to work", etc? The goal is to ask a hard question or two but also share time listening to him tell you who he is and what he wants from you. Ideally, one day you guys arrive in the same place and it is now time to start a life. With your questions answered, you ensure you start the life he thinks he wants.

Good luck!