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Is it cheating if he's in jail???

Published on October 27, 2009 by shawty6921

see me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for almost a month before he went in there, andd he has been in there for alomost two month's and i slept with sumone else while he is in there? Should I end the relationship or should I just keep him cuz the ppl I was sleeping with out here is just a fling. Wth should I do?


I guess it all depends on how you would feel in the same situation if you were put away and he had flings because you could not see him.

If it wasn't serious then i don't see it as cheating

If you promised to be faithful, it's cheating. If you were dating and he thought you were a couple, it's cheating.

You don't say exactly why he is in jail. If he is an angry person and he thinks you are his girlfriend and should be faithful, you could get hurt.

So I guess a big question is what would he think? Do you think he wants you to be faithful? Is he expecting it? How will he react if he learns that you had casual sex?

yes, its cheating. even if he's in jail and yall are together its indefinaltly cheating.

even if it wasn't serious.

if you can see yourself with the flings and not the one in jail then get with them if not then STAY FAITHFUL!!!

he doesnt have to know....theres somethings that are better kept to yourself just stop doing while you can!!