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Is this normal? What should I do?

Published on January 2, 2014 by jeffdazzo

Can you tell me if this is normal. You date a girl over 3 years, live together. You have a 3 stressful months, where your family moves away, a friend commits suicide and do not handle stress well, no violence, just arguing. You have talked about marriage and she says she loves more than anyone ever in her life. One day you ask her to move out (not so nicely). She then will not answer your calls or texts. Will not explain things other than it is over. There has been no cheating or physical violence. She will only speak to someone she thinks is your friend, who as it turns out has been telling her she deserves better for awhile, and has a history of doing this with friends (she does not know that). That person convinces her to meet you face to face and after the meeting she cries to him and leaves the door open in 3-6 months. She then changes her phone number and blocks you from every social media way of contacting her. You have sent a hand written letter and flowers 2 times. You find out the person she thinks is your friend has been playing both sides of the fence but you cannot tell her that because she won't speak to you. She says it will make it harder and loves you too much. Also, during the relationship, you could have walked out many times due to mental abuse, her alcoholism (which you coached her through), and you have typed many of her school papers and done a good amount of her homework. She is 27 years old and moved back with her mother, who will pay for things like she is a child. She know you are not a stalker and will not show up at her house or work. Is this normal? You had saved for an engagement ring for over a year and have the money. Is there anyway to reconcile this or get a hold of her? Should I try to reconcile this? Also, I am no saint, have made many mistakes also and am willing to change, willing to go to a relationship counselor, which was suggested before the break-up. What should I do?


Even if it is not normal, she have made up her mind, so let her be. Because you can't false her to be with you my brother

Addiction and passive aggressive behavior are destructive behaviors in personal relationships. I would let her go. A passive aggressive woman is bad news for any man. You start believing that it was all your fault the relationship fell apart which is not true. The problem with guys is that we are just too nice.