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Is there chemistry/ sexual tension on both sides ?

Published on February 27, 2014 by ellaguevara

So here's my situation, 3 years ago i was in a short relationship, for me it wasn't really that serious because a mutual friend introduced us to eachother, his sister and it was kind of a bore for me because, well I liked him but there was just nothing there. That time I met his cousin and I've never felt something like it, it was just really love at first sight, he was just everything that i wanted in a man and I could just feel the tension in the air. Nothing happened of course because I'm not the type to do something like that to a man, even though we've broken up after three months dating. Now in those three years I've crossed paths a few times with his cousin and every time i feel like a 16 year old in love when i see him, but we're not speaking, we're not on good terms because of some issues between friends which is too long to tell for this question. The thing is, yesterday i saw him again, i was basically sitting right in front of him and the tension was abnormal, and after that till now on I can't sleep or eat normally, I don't know what to do with myself. Now my big question is, is this mutual ? Can you feel such a strong attraction without him being attracted to me ? I could literally just sense it in the air, I can't describe it but someone who has ever felt the same will understand what I'm trying to say, so please give me your opinions on this one