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Is there a future in my long distance relationship?

Published on January 2, 2013 by angelnat4eva

I have been talking to a guy I met online (by an unlikely random chance) 6.5 months ago. He lived in NY and I in FL. After 3 months he informed me of his relocation assignment to s. america, which messed up all our plans for the future. The following months were rough for both of us, but now we text every 3-5 days and I am staying patient, supportive, and hopeful. I dont want to set myself up for a doomed and heartbreaking relationship, but he is the only person I have met that fits exactly what I wanted in a relationship and significant other and I do see a future with him. I dont want to let go of him but I wonder if we have a possibility of a future together. once he settles down will he make it official? or will the distance be too much? if I move away for school (in the middle east), will we be able to maintain this? or will he call it quits? what does the future hold for us? we've been this strong, can we keep this up till we are able to finally be closer to each other? when will we finally be able to be together?