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Is there a chance of this relationship working? if so how can i keep it strong??

Published on March 30, 2013 by chiraag98xoxo

I have liked this guy for over a year now, i have known him since i was born and our parents are very good friends. We had become good friends over time and I tried to let go of my feelings for him since he didnt return them, but it didnt work.Over the year my looks changed and we became more similar to eachother. Eventually he asked me out and we dated for 2 months. He lives 45 minutes away from me and since we are 15 we only end up meeting up once a month. We broke up for a month because we were both in tough situations at home, but he asked me out again because he said he regretted it and we both really are about eachother. We hve been goin out for 2 weeks again and it feels like I haven't seen him in forever. We were supposed to meet up next weekend with friends but I am going away so I won't be able to see him for another 2 weeks which makes a month of not seeing eachoter again. I miss him alot and he misses me too. We talk everyday and try to video chat everyday as well. We stay up all night video chatting with eachother and a few friends sometimes. Our relation ship is sweet to eachoter constantly and we get sexual with eachother too. I really like him but I don't know how well this can work if we don't meet and I want to know waht I can do to keep our relationship very strong still! Please help!


Love is really a natural thing. It should flow and not be anxious. Whether they are together or not, two people who are in love with each other and committed (but apart) should be able to make plans to be together in the future so they can look forward to that time--if they are both committed to each other.

You are very young to be planning for a future together in this way and since your situation doesn't allow the two of you to be together often, perhaps it's best to relax your feelings for each other until you can be more independent and meet whenever you want.

It sounds like you are pining for him. Try, instead, to think of him as you would think of any other friend. Enjoy the time you have together when it's possible, but try not to have anxious expectations about how to "make it happen." Try to "let it happen" instead. Let go and see what happens. Keep yourself busy with other interests when you can't be together, and give yourself to those interests 100%.

Be careful about getting sexual and make sure you don't get pregnant. That would make your situation much, much worse.

Teen romances are about as unstable and short-lived as a steak at a dog show. Go ahead and continue seeing him with friends as long as you are comfortable, and both your and his parents are OK with the relationship, but don't get too worked up if things don't work out. If he is not destined to be your life-mate (and he probably isn't), there will be plenty of other men you will encounter and can become romantically involved with.

I know this last will likely fall on deaf ears, but cool off the sexual activity - you're both honestly too young to be sexually active, and are unprepared (emotionally, financially, and physically) for the possible consequences of sexual intimacy. I don't think either you or your boyfriend want to deal with unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease at age 15 or 16. Don't fool yourself - if you are having sex, pregnancy or disease IS very possible.