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is the relationship worth saving

Published on May 26, 2013 by tweetybird34

My boyfriend of 8 months always blames everything on me. I never can do anything right in his eyes. we have been on and off too. I break up with him he begs me back then when I take him back he finds away to act like I don't exist in his eyes. Is this worth fighting for or just let it go and move on


You need to elaborate on what he is blaming you for. As of right now your too vague to be of any assistance. " Blame" is subjective to each person point of view or perception. Again you claim he is saying " You can do nothing right in his eyes"- elaborate and give examples. Life is about Cause and Effect, Checks and Balances, Withdrawals and Deposits. You can't present a one sided story without the dram and