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Is she Bi? I can't tell!!!!

Published on April 30, 2014 by heyyitsjaide

Hi! So I'm in esthetics school right now. And my teacher is a female, as of me as well. The school is filled with a bunch of girls. I think of my teacher as hot. Her face is absolutely gorgeous. I think I might have a little bit of a crush on her. Anyways, is esthetics school, we get very personal with each other, as we're all learning new things, things such as facials, waxing, Brazilian waxing, spray tanning, and salt glows.

She will make comments in general of different smells, we use a oil for waxing, and she says it smells like "dirty vagina" and that she hates that smell.I have seen her check me out many times before. Actually she had just did it today, in front of people. It was a long stare too. She will sometimes touch my shoulder or my waist if she is trying to get through if I'm in the way, or I general. And sometimes I catch her staring at my lips.

She will call me cute, so many times, and one time, she was handing out products to me for a facial I had, and she said "perfect!" And then she adds, "you are perfect!"

We do have kinda similar interests, but not really. She was raised in a rough home, and I'm the complete opposite. So her past fascinates me.

But then she will talk about how hot some male celebrities are, so I guess I'm confused.

I know I have a crush on her, she is 10 years older then I am, and she is single, but i am dating.

I just want to know if she is interested in me. I wanna know that I'm not going crazy over here!!