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Is my fwb in love with me or are these head games

Published on August 18, 2013 by riolove

I am in love with my fwb he and I met as I was a patient of his. It took 8 months for him to finally get me to say yes to a date. When I agreed we went to the ritz for a weekend get away. We had amazing sex and have been for 5 months now. I see him usually 2 times a week he lives over an hour away and we are both busy. We enjoy eachothers company and he takes me to wonderful places to eat and we have passionate sex. He has told me 3 times I am not his girlfriend when I got jealous he has hung out with another girl. Well she has been an argument for us, last night he took me and my friends out and we got wasted drunk. We came back to his house and he took a naked pic of me and sent it to the girl I mentioned. I got angry and we were play fighting he grabbed me softly by my neck and asked me if I love him, I was upset and a tear rolled down my cheek so I mumbled no I don't I hate you. Then he told me 3 times he loves me. During sex he would always say oh I love this or love it when you exc never I love you. Do you think it's real or bs


As a dating coach for women, I want to say this gently, but be honest with you. After all, you did ask for help.

You see him twice a week but he said you're NOT his girlfriend. When a man says this, you must believe him. That's what friends with benefits means - not a real relationship.

I think you are right. He is playing some awful, controlling game with you. He sent a naked picture of you to another woman and then wants to know if you love him? Run! He does not have your best interest in mind. There are much better men out there who will love you with an open heart which is what you deserve.

I'm very glad you are asking this question because it means you don't think this relationship feels right to you. It means you know deep down that you deserve something different.

This person you describe has no respect for you. If you settle for him, your life with him will only get worse over time. His mind games will destroy your happiness. Please think hard about this.

Know that there is a relationship out there that you can find where your man will treat you like a queen because he loves you. So many of us settle for less along the way just because we feel we need a relationship so badly. We don't want to be alone.

Alone time is productive time. We get to know what we want and don't want--what we will accept and not accept. Then we can look for a true relationship that matches our needs—one that is true and comfortable and right, and that gives us way more happiness than problems.

You will want to be as proud of your man as you are of yourself. Don't ever settle for less.

I wrote an article that was inspired by your question. Please look for it in the next few days—"Want a Life Partner? Here's How to Make a Special List—Your Permanent Guide to True Love."

The answer to your question applies to many, many people. You are not alone.

Take a step back and look at this relationship from a bird's eye view. Ask yourself what this relationship means to you and what needs this relationship filling for you.

It's funny how it works, but the more you know yourself, appreciate and respect yourself, the more your partner does the same. He is a mirror to you of how you feel and treat yourself.

Having clarity about who you are and why you chose to become involved with this person will also guide you to what you need to do next.