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Is my boyfriend hiding something from me?

Published on January 15, 2014 by foxy_style

Is my boyfriend hiding something from me? We were on a break where he asked that we still in a relationship but we dont speak to eacother during this time. It started on wednesday and he said he will contact me when he has decided on his 'life". he contacted me on sunday sounding extremely down and said he is missing me like crazy and he wants to see me asap. He then told me he went out the previous night with some friends and there was a few drunk girls who got a little too close for comfort.. he said to me they only touched his arm or chest (he gyms) and nothing else happened..and that when this happened he got very uncomfartable and started talking about me and the more they tried with him the more he spoke about how he loves me and stuff.. he has been hurt very bad by his ex girlfriend in his previous relationship, where she cheated on him constantly and even infront of him at some point (they dated for 3 years) he told me previously he despises cheaters. On sunday when we saw eachother he was very affectionate and told me constantly how much he loves me and how perfect i am and all... i love it but i dont know if its only me who is having doubts about that night or if something really did happen? I come from a family where my dad has cheated on my mom so I dont trust easily :-( could it only be my mind and fear trying to put doubt in him or did something happen? I want to speak to him about this when i see him again.. im only focusing on the way he acted with me after the night thats why i am asking.. is it a guilty conscience that he was being so affectionate and all or was it because he realized what he actually wants?


You can never be sure with these things. All it really boils down to is if you believe and trust him or not. The only thing I can really say is think about the person he is and whether you honestly think he would do anything or not. I do have to say the whole "break" sounds a little suspicious, but I could be completely wrong. Do whatever you think is right and I hope it all turns out for the best!

I agree with the last post. You may never know for certain what happened or if he is hiding anything. What is certain is that you are having trouble trusting him. Do you want to stay with someone you are having trouble trusting? Are you both willing to invest the kind of energy needed to build trust?