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Is it worth it?

Published on January 12, 2014 by bshook

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years. We have had our fights and problems, but we have always worked through them. We were each others first and first real relationship. Things started getting rough, and we kept fighting and then withheld sex from me, because he became insecure with himself and told me I've gain weight, but in reality he just lost him muscle. Some harsh things were said on his part, but I forgave him. Long story short, I broke up with him, because I couldn't stand the constant fighting. We live together and have a lease until July. After I broke up with him we were still acting like we were together. Kissing, saying I love you, cuddling, but still no sex. We celebrated Christmas together and it was great. I started regretting breaking us up, because I feel that's not healthy for a relationship. New Years came around, and he ending up going out with the boys. He ended up getting drunk and came home with a hickey. He swears he didn't do anything else, but who really knows. I do trust him when he told me, but that's still sketchy. (Side note, this girl and him had met when he visited his brother at a university, and was snap chatting her. I didn't really care, because I snap chatted with guys, but the guys I was talking to knew I had a boyfriend. This girl did and still doesn't know about me. He stopped talking to her after I was so upset and deleted his snapchat.) I could forgive him, and be able to trust him again fully in time. I feel like he has taken me for granted, and I know he was in love with me. How to I make him realize how great of a girlfriend I am? I know I have to be happy, and it's hard, because I'm still hurting a little. Techniqually, he didn't cheat, but it was still so hurtful. Especially because he kissed me and told me he loved me before he left. I really do love him and want us to work out. I just kind of want an opinion on whether it's worth it or not.