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Is it possible to get her back?

Published on September 19, 2013 by remnisk

Hi, my name is Matt, and what I’ve done to a girl that i truly have fallen for is near the category of "No Return". Let me start things off with some of our background information.

I am a sophomore attending Green Valley High in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now before you exit that tab and go on about a rant of how stupid and immature young love is, I'd just like to tell you that both the girl and I are in AP classes, so we do know what lies ahead of us in the future and we are able to comprehend of what can stand or fall before us. Now with that aside, I will now explain more about myself. I originally grew up in Chico, California, a somewhat small town of about 100,000 thousand people. It was really nice there, not much crime, not much disastrous weather, and most of all, not many "ghetto" people. I have been a single child for thirteen years and it sucked, I grew up with no siblings. I had to replace those siblings with my aunts and uncles. During my youth, I spent most of time with my aunt Linda (She is one year older than me) and my cousin Emily (Same age as me). I didn't have any guy friends, and I wasn't pushed or inspired by sports like much of the other young boys. So until I was about fourteen, I realized that my life is now so much crap because I had never done sports in my life. I never knew how much of an impact it would be in high school. I just thought it all to be a joke. My parents had me when they were sixteen, and I'm glad that they didn't abandon me or something like that. But as I grew up, my parents could barely afford to give me a good life. They didn't know what to do and how to deal with me. I had no role models growing up, I had no one to look up to. When I was thirteen, my mom had finally had another baby, and he was my brother who is now three. A little over two years after his birth, my mom had made us move to Las Vegas so that she can fulfill her dream of being a doctor. She promised that we can come back and live more luxuriously like a more ordinary family. She attended a twenty-month program and is now nearing its finish. Before I left Chico, my mom gave me the option to stay or go. It took awhile for me to answer, but I chose to go, for the sake of my brother. I didn't want him to grow up like me with no role model. I hated having to leave all my friends, family, and loved ones behind. And plus the fact that I had NO relatives that lived in Nevada. Absolutely zero. So now it has been about almost a year ever since I moved here, and I never thought I would come to a thing like this. But anyways (I'll explain later), during my freshman year, I just wanted to get over it. I just wanted to make time fly by so I could return to my home again. But everyday, it was so depressing, not seeing my family. Back in Chico, I saw my grandparents everyday, they always picked me up after school and id stay at their house until about six o clock. But now that doesn’t happen. I really didn't want a relationship here in Vegas because I knew that what ever girl had actually attached herself to me would have an insane emotional breakdown. This girl's name was Zarina.

Now, Zarina is also a sophomore and she is really cute and funny. She was the ex-girlfriend of another sophomore named Tyler. I knew who he was but I didn't see him everyday, just about once or twice a week sitting on the benches talking to his girlfriend. During the freshman year, they were a loving couple. For nine months, they embraced each other to the fullest, then it all dropped. He just didn't have that spark for her anymore so they broke up the near the end of freshman year. They both loved sports, specifically volleyball. And she was so depressed that summer that she nearly killed herself five times. Now she wasn't one of those emotionally defected emo kids. No, she was smart, she had all AP classes, she was outgoing, always smiling. She attended therapy sessions during the summer and lost herself to the point where she swallowed a bunch of pills and left her in bed for a month. I didn't know any of this until she told me. I never thought that I would somehow end up being so obsessed with her. I knew her during my freshman year but I never spoke to her, I didn't necessarily “like” her at the time and she was taken anyways so she was just a faint image of a random person in the back of my mind at the time.

Now this is how it happened. In the beginning of my sophomore year, I joined Key Club. Its a club for fund raising and helping children by donating and things like that. There were meetings every Tuesday and the fund raisers would be held on Fridays or Saturday mornings. On the third week of school after summer break had ended, there was the first football game of the year on Friday. My friends and I saw her standing in the snack line and one of my friends was totally getting destroyed by her. She was calling him out (sarcastically of course) and he replied to her “Twig!” because she was rather a skinny girl. She repeatedly yelled “Same sh*t!” as my friend looked away in defeat. She had been giving me glares but I was a bit too dumb to notice. Then the the following Tuesday, I attended the meeting after school and we just talked about our future fund raising events. The officials of the club gave us papers that had each official's numbers on it. They all played a role for the club like treasurer or secretary etc. And Zarina was the bulletin editor of the club. My friend that had been called out by her last week suggested that we spam the text “twig!” to her to get back at her. I didn't have anything to do with their “war” so I just agreed and joined in.

The next day, my other friend who had witnessed the swearing at the football game introduced me to her at lunch. We didn't talk much but my friend and her were good friends as they have known each other for a year now. The following Thursday, we had Spanish together and we sat across from each other. The teacher had made some comment about how whenever you go to a waiting room they always have some sort of pregnancy book or std magazine to read about. As the teacher said it, I pointed at her and started cracking up. Her faced pinked, and she made a motion with her hands that signified some sort of cutting gesture. Then I remembered the day I met her and had been formally introduced to her by one of my friends who witnessed the “TWIG!” argument. As we were sitting down, she was talking to another good friend of mine Jeff. She made some statement about how she was going to cut his testicles off (of course in a sarcastic tone) and we all freaked out and started laughing. Then the bell rang and we set off to our next classes. As I was still laughing at her in the room, we just kept exchanging smiles and glances through out the period. She stormed out of the room as the bell rang and I saw her at lunch. She asked me if I knew what she meant by that cutting gesture and I replied I was completely clueless. She clarified it for me and we both started laughing again at that ridiculous moment in class. She then made some statement that someone randomly texted her “twig!” on her phone a lot. I remember vividly now of her saying “If someone went through all that time just to spam me this message, they have like no life.”. I giggled at that statement and she immediately noticed. She asked me if I knew who it was and I replied it was my friend and I. She then had a change of attitude and asked why we did so. I simply replied I didn't know and she changed the subject, completely forgetting what we had just talked about.

The next day about 12-1 PM, I woke up completely clueless as to what had happened the previous night. I felt like I had a short time of amnesia, I couldn’t remember who I was or what happened last night. But then I came to my senses and realized, it was just me waking up on a normal weekend afternoon. I looked at my phone and it had two text messages on it. One was from my friend who had introduced me to that girl Zarina. It displayed “How come you didn't come to the car wash fundraiser? :(” and the other was a random number I didn't know. It had the same thing I sent to that person. “TWIGTWIGTWIG!”. I immediately knew who it was. I replied “SAME SHT!” and we got a good start off from there. About four hours later, we were still going at it with the texting. She told me that I made her laugh so hard during her time at the fundraiser that people looked at her funny for laughing at nothing. I was a bit proud at that moment, I never had accomplished something like that. She made a lot of perverted jokes and comments and I only replied to make her laugh even more. I constantly added in the “twig!” and the “same sht!” comments just to hit it off even more. At about five o clock I was playing League of Legends with my friends and she was texting me of how bored she was. She wanted me to come to her house and watch movies with her which surprised me a lot and I was a bit hesitant about it but agreed. She was surprised herself, she really didn't think I would come to her house, nor did I. She clearly stated that her mom wasn't home until about midnight so we can just do whatever. I had just met her that week and now I was at the mall with her. I suggested we go to the mall first because I had to do some things. I didn't tell my parents of this, they would only get very nosy so I made up some lies about this. My curfew was to be back at around eight o clock because that night was the night Floyd Mayweather fought Sual Alvarez and my dad didn't want to pick me up during the fight. So I had somewhat of a tight situation but still went with Zarina. She lived somewhat close to the mall and I had to get a hair cut anyways.

At about seven o clock we were at her house and I was surfing netflix of what movie to watch. I remembered a good movie called The Man From Nowhere (GREAT MOVIE BTW) and put it on. She blasted the ac on, closed the curtains, and turned that fan above us to full speed. I noticed but didn't care as she brought out a small blanket for us to share on her couch. At first we were sitting like normal people, but then it started to get cold, and there was only one blanket, so I suggested we lay down on the couch with the blanket covering us. Still not allowing myself to touch her, I awkwardly had my hands placed on myself instead for the first thirty minutes of the movie. She noticed and said it was alright to put it around her neck, I did so and we both enjoyed the rest of the movie. During the movie, she commented how she was hungry and I replied I wasn't so she chose to wait to finish the movie to eat. She also lightly bit my arm and I laughed at the feeling. In response, I tickled her to death, and she tried the same but I ended up victorious. We came to a truce and returned to our normal positions. I had convinced my mom to let me stay until about eleven and we continued watching the movie. After it was done at about 9pm, she laid on my chest, expecting a kiss, and I knew she was doing that for that specific reason, but I didn't give her a kiss. After an awkward moment of cuddling on the couch, she got up and went to make us some sandwiches. After about twenty minutes, her mom called her and said she was coming home early. We panicked a bit, and I made some phone calls to my friends to see if they can pick me up from her house. She lived close to the mall, but far from my house, and originally, I was supposed to have my dad pick me up and I was to say that girl who opened the door was my friend's sister or something. But now we were in a state of panic. I put my phone down and leaned in to kiss her. She greatly enjoyed the quick second moment of the embrace and we exchanged smiles again. I resumed to calling people to see if they can pick me up but I stood there receiving no answers. As I did, she repeatedly pecked my lips with hers. I smiled as she did so and stuttered to answer when someone picked up. She led me to her backyard and I had to hop some fences to leave her house. It was the classic and unique way of doing things. Later that night, we saw each other on Skype, about 2 or 3am. We talked again until it was almost 5am and then she got really tired so I suggested we go to sleep.

The next morning, I had one of those moments where you wake up for no reason. This time, I woke up and I couldn't fall back asleep. It was 9am, I was so tired, but I couldn't stop thinking about Zarina. During my year in Las Vegas, I grew a strong bond with my senior friend John. He was like a spitting image of the older brother I wish I had had. So for him, I threw a party, and I supplied the guests with pho (you should try it sometime, its fantastic!). They knew I knew how to make it and have always been wanting some, so I finally did it. Also, that day was the start of the World Championship for League of Legends. About half a million people were watching it live via internet every time it came on. The day went by fast, I still couldn't get Zarina out of my mind. We were excited to see each other the next day for school. On that Sunday night, I made a bunch of comments about her. How cute she was, how adorable her smile and eyes were, how she wanted to watch her favorite Korean dramas and animes with me. It was a time of true happiness. I was so excited too. Then we went onto the topic of how her and her ex-boyfriend Tyler had broken up. She didn't say much other than how she was trying so hard to keep them together and how Tyler just didn't have it in him anymore to continue. Then we talked about our parents, how her dad abandoned her, how I was born with teenage parents. Then she told me about how someone was trying so hard to get her, and how she felt sorry for him because I got her easy. I told her I didn't mind if we stopped talking right now. If she wanted to make that other boy happy I wouldn't care.

Then we moved onto the subject that I think changed everything. I mentioned that we were “together” as like “couples” and how we are “dating”. She didn't like that title. We had just met in a course of about three days and she didn't want to start so early. I completely agreed with her. Being smart individuals, I understood how she wanted to stop and get to know each other before we started going out. But here is the thing, I didn't tell her that I was leaving the next summer. I didn't tell her that if she stalled the relationship, we'd have less time together. I started losing myself. She was getting to me, and I was just gonna leave her like that half a year later? No, I don't want to do that. The next day, we had a fundraiser for our first open-house at our school. It was from 5:30 to 8:30. She didn't want to go because she couldn't bare the sight of her ex-boyfriend who was attending the fundraiser. But she came when she figured out I was going. I didn't really know if I was going or not either, but I did so anyways because my three other close friends were attending the event. But right after school ended that day, I stayed with her after school, and we walked to Barnes a Nobles down the street. In the back, we made out and she allowed me to touch her body. While we went on our adventures, we talked about each other. It was quite fun, we also went into a pet shop and had more fun little adventures. We walked back to the school right before the even was starting and she repeatedly said “I love you” or “Love you babe” several times. Then she cut herself off and apologized for saying so but I didn't really care. I didn’t mind what she called me weather it be “faggot” or “lover”. She then left home and came back to the event near the end of it. We walked around the campus with many parents staring at us but we didn't care. We ended the night with me saying goodbye to my brother John who was leaving to New Jersey the following morning. I noticed something was bothering her, but I didn't ask. She didn't even kiss me on the lips like she did earlier that day in that library, just a peck on the cheek.

The following day, she seemed completely normal. That is, until after the Key Club meeting. She left early in an upset tone, I didn't know why. During the meeting, she was completely normal, she gave me three papers of notes, displaying her likes and dislikes in guys. I hadn't read it yet, but when I figured she left in a hurry, I wondered what was in it. I spent a few minutes walking around the campus looking for her. I found her talking to her friend that I didn't know. She asked for some privacy so I left and joined my close friends. Their ride had just arrived so I was left there standing alone awkwardly. I pulled out those notes and started reading them. On the front it said “Keep these somewhere safe in your room babe! <3”. I wondered what was in it. I read it and it showed her feelings. How we were moving way to fast. And what she liked and disliked, and how we should wait to get to know each other better before we make our love official. Soon after I read it, she came up to me and pulled me towards my other group of friends that I somewhat considered close. One of them I hated a lot. He was so cocky and such a showoff, I didn't like him. He pulled me to the side and asked about me and Zarina. We started walking away from the group and stopped about some 60 feet later. He asked me if I knew where Tyler and Zarina had previously had sex. I was shocked. Not at the fact that she wasn't a virgin but that she lied to me. When we had walked home from Barnes a Noble the previous day, I asked her if she was a virgin or not. I specifically said I didn't care weather she was a virgin or not and she replied she was, so I believed her. But now, I didn't know who to trust, the guy I hated was a super close friend to Tyler. But I also trusted Zarina, I was just more lost than ever at that moment. Then he brought me to his friend who knew a little about the two when they were still going out. He confirmed that they had done “it” when they were still together. Then they noticed that Zarina was walking towards us. The guy I hated received a phone call from his mom, declaring that his ride home was there, so he left in a hurry, and me and Zarina walked slowly back to the group I was once at. We said our goodbyes after a short span of minutes and the group dispersed. It was just me and her then.

We sat down on the bench, she asked me what that guy I hated said to me. She knew that that guy was a close friend to her ex-boyfriend. I didn't tell her about the virgin part, I just told her what he asked me before he told me about that event with the two former lovers. She then told me we were taking things way to fast, and I agreed. I embraced her idea, of how fast things were going, of how it has only been like four days. (And to be honest, these four days have been the longest of my life). Soon after, I went home and she texted me if everything was alright. I told her about what the guy I hated told me, and she was greatly offended. I also told her that I was moving away next summer. She seemed to just fall apart. Then it became a giant argument. She didn't want to be with me because she couldn't bare losing another loved one and having to suffer again. I told her I would stay if we worked things out, but she still clung to her words. And now, we have just made it official. We are no longer friends, no longer close friends, just strangers......


Now my question is.... How can I get her back? I would do anything to do so.