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is it normal for a man to lirt with his mates?

Published on February 12, 2013 by missraindrops

my man has flirted openly with his best mate in front of a sexual way,its said in a jesty way but it makes me wonder if hes man asks his mate to "get down on his knees" and keeps refering to oral sex when his mate visits us.its said in a jovial manner,and infront o me.just ive never known a man act this way to his mates.our sex life is boring too.if im in the bath or in my undies he dosent act lusty or looks at me longingly.if anything he brings me a towel to cover up.i we argue we never kiss and make up. its days later that he will make a move and thats just for basic 3 minute sex. also ive asked him about flirting with his mate.he says its just fun. however he could see it troubled me.then days later i find a message in sent to his mate on acebook .saying that he needed his love and he would touch him in his special place if he would call and visit confused


His behavior strongly suggests it and his message confirms it - he's queer as a $3 bill. Time to move on.