Feeling sad after abortion can really catch women off-guard. The answer is that it is not only NORMAL to feel sad after an abortion, but probably pretty much can be an expected response. For one thing your body is trying to re-adjust to all the chemical reactions take place. One day your body was being completely infused with hormones to support the pregnancy. Now the pregnancy has stopped and your hormonal levels are trying to re-adjust, back up and re-route themselves. Another reality is that grief after abortion blind-sides women. It is a normal part of loss and can occur immediately or be delayed for years after the event.

I think whatever you feel is normal. You ended something. And that will take it's toll on you. I hope you have a strong support system so you can be open about your feelings.

It takes time, I have been through the same ordeal myself. I think that as time went by it created a fear of having babies in the future because of "karma." It felt wrong but I had to do it because the man I was with at the time did not love me. Right now, I try to compensate for my abortion by being a good person just to rid of the karma part. Hopefully, the next time I conceive it would be with the right person and the right circumstances. I wish the same for you. Time, my love, you will be okay soon.

ONG! When i had mine i woke up after anesthesia and i began to cry. not sure what exactly i was crying for at first. but, as the day went on, i realized why i was crying. i still can't remember what i was thinking but, i know i felt really sad and i had one fiend to see me through. the father didn't know. that hurt. Me bad. All i knew was that i wouldn't be in any condition to raise a child. After, i realized something else. NOBODY is prepared to raise a child. i respect their decision to take it on and it must take someone incredible to take on such an endeaver. At the time i made my decision to abort life, i decided i was in no place to even make decisons in life, at least not the important ones like being responsible and paying bills and such. Every once in a while i have to answer questions about being childless. it's a question i have to deal with every day if i choose to go with it or not. I choose to try to forget about it mostly. Not something i feel good about or neccessarily proud. Just something i decided to do and can't cahange it, just like you can't erase the birth of a child.