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Is it normal

Published on November 21, 2013 by yromas

Is it normal.... I am a very happily married woman to a man who would is very understanding, patient and would do anything for me or never stand in my way so I can do the things I want to do.
He is laid back and happy doing whatever I would like to do or is also content doing nothing at all. He is easy to please and does not want for much. Ok - no problem so far. Oh yeah - he also makes sure that I am happy in the bedroom. It is not like I seek out attention from others but the last year or so it seems to find me and I like it. Maybe too much. I have never been unfaithful sexually but I am starting to feel I am emotionally straying. If that makes any sense at all. As far as I know I am not looking for anything else but what I have. Happily married with two grown kids in university who seem to have their feet on the ground. We are in the prime of our lives.
So once a month I go visit my Dad who is 86 and we go to a community dance. My husband does not go because he has to work. There is a gentleman there that asks me to dance an aweful lot. He is married as well and it is not like we are sneaking around or hiding it. It is a small community and everyone knows everyone. But...his wife is not there and neither is my husband. Would we do it if they were there - not likely. Well...I like the attention and look forward to the next dance. But that is all - no sexual attraction at all, just attention. I find myself thinking about him throughout the month. This is what confuses the heck out of me and bothers me. As much as I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get with the attention I feel guilt riden because I truly love my husband with all my heart and look forward to growing old with him but still do not want to give up my time at the dance. What is happening? Is it ok? This message may seem alittle jumbled because I have so many thoughts that bounce back and forth. Anyways, what can you tell me.


Ahhh to be woman! I know this feeling! From what you are sharing is sounds like you are either perimenopausal or possibly menopausal age. We really come into a sense of power around this time and as we do, we exude it from our entire being and the world senses it. You are receiving feedback from your environment that you are pouring forth a new found strength.

It's tricky because the feedback is actually really important in empowering us to become the woman we are truly meant to be; however, you have created a life that restricts this to some degree without crushing, betraying another. Since you really want to have this relationship with your husband, I would explore in journal writing or coaching sessions of some sort what you need to support the new evolving you as you move into this next chapter of your life. IF your husband is as supportive as you say, if you can find the way to communicate this, I am guessing he will be there for you. What an opportunity to take your relationship to the next level with someone you have been with in marriage for so long. Could really be mind blowing.

I am excited for you and all that your life holds! Best to you - Margaret