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Is it more than friends?

Published on April 22, 2014 by jaded_romantic92

Hi, So I have this guy who I've grown up with since preschool. We've always been good friends, kind of flirty and I've never seen him as more and never thought to consider dating him growing up. Were the same age now, both 21 and recently have been talking and spending time together a few times in the last couple months. When he came to see me at my new place, he stayed on the couch and when we go out to eat we pay for ourselves. It's kinda weird and I feel delusional but lately I see him differently. We've talked lightly/jokingly about being together.. But he's very timid and all my friends think he's intimidated by me. I feel like I have a stronger personality and he's very shy around me sometimes. Now I moved back to town where we both grew up. We've hung out since I've been back twice and he's brought me home to see his mom, dad, uncle, grandparents who I've met a little before since we graduated together and our towns small but not with him exactly. I'm very confused. I've never fallen for a guy friend like him, especially one so timid. Could use some insight. Anything would be great!

yours truly, Jaded and Confused.