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Is he worth it?

Published on January 14, 2013 by lostandloved1813

I have been talking to this guy for 4 months. He told me ( in person) that he really liked me. However, he plays hot and cold a lot. I know when we first met he ended a 1 1/2 relationship 2 weeks prior to meeting him and he is not ready for a relationship. I was hurt and kind of devastated. When we first met, he was all over me and I wanted to take things slow. While I still want to take my time, I really do like him and want to have a relationship with him. I'm so confused. Please help me find a solution.


Be wary of anyone who plays hot and cold, it's a big red flag for instability in relationships. Meeting him two weeks post a breakup from 1.5 (months? years? you never specified), and trying to start dating would heighten your odds of being his short lived rebound. If you like him and he's verbally expressed reciprocating the same feelings and wanting a relationship too, then by all means, talk to him about where to go from there. If he remains wishy washy, then don't waste your time. There's plenty of available guys out there who are certain they're ready!