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Is he worth it or I'm just wasting my time?

Published on September 28, 2013 by mztrn

We're friends for 6 months. We're not in a relationship, but it was really weird how our relationship/friendship is on and off. We led each on then turn each down and it keeps repeating. And one day about a month ago, I asked him what our status of friendship and he told me that we're just friends, and nothing more. And he also told me to move on from him. I took his word and moved on. So recently I feel like he started to have feelings for me but doesn't want to admit it. Last night, we went to a party. He was flirting with a bunch of girls. I took way too many shots that I just laid on the couch, then all the guys were coming over to me. He came over and asked me if I was okay then went back flirting with others. Then when I took off, he made sure somebody drives me home and told me to feel better. And I heard he was making out with someone after I left. I mean I can't be mad because we're just friends. I would probably make out with some guy if I stayed longer. I just feel like we have feelings toward each other, but afraid to admit it. Am I wasting my time?