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Is he stringing me along?

Published on August 30, 2013 by cydh

There is this guy that flirts with me all the time. He will literally invade my personal space, always standing near me and sitting really close to me and he is always touching me. ALWAYS. Last year I told him that i liked him but he had a gf and even after that it seemed like he stilled liked. Now all this is going on but he has a new gf, and it seems like he intentionally kisses her and does stuff with her in front of me to make me jealous or something. When its just me and him, he makes me feel good but when hes with his gf i just feel played. Now I want to tell him to just stop talking to me because he has a gf and I dont want to be that girl that a guy cheats with. I wouldnt do that to another girl. Im so confused, I dont know what to do.


Hi Cydh,

You have to be stern with this guy. Really. By invading your personal space he probally feels like he has power over you. He thinks to himself something like: You see her? I can touch her whenever I want. She won't do anything about it because SHE LIKES ME. And I can do whatever the fuck I want, because she won't betray me and I have a girlfriend so I can Always say that I was just teasing a little bit. NO. Fucking. Way you will let that happen, right? If he would be in a relationship with you, you wouldn't want him to do such things to other girls, right? You gotta stand up for yourself! NO HE CAN NOT TOUCH YOU LIKE THAT. You gotta tell him that and if he doesn't stop, you will seriously tell his girlfriend about it. Be stern with him, or he will never learn. Don't fall for his jokes or excuses, but be a badass. (Buys like that btw so It is also a good thing)

I'm sure he would stop it soon after.

I hope I have been of some assistance. Keep us posted! Good luck!

Kind regards from Rapunzel.